Welcome back (or welcome for the first time) to St. John’s in-person worship.

We’ll continue with “worship from home” live streaming services on Sunday mornings at 10 am.

In addition, we’ll start with one in-person service a week with the following schedule:

Saturday, 19th September, 4pm: First full in-person Eucharist.
Sunday, 27th September, 4pm: In-person Eucharist.
Sunday, 4th October, 4pm: In-person Eucharist.
Saturday, 10th October, 4pm: In-person Eucharist.
Saturday, 17th October, 4pm: In-person Eucharist.

In-person worship will look a little different from worship before COVID; there are health regulations we need to meet such as wearing a mask, hand hygiene, physical distancing, and contact tracing.

For more on what to expect, you can read this brochure.

Or watch this short video 

We are also asking you to pre-register using this link: Click here to pre-register.

Need some help to pre-register?  Watch this video to see how to sign up for in-person worship.