St. John’s Annual Christmas Pudding Factory begins on Friday November 7th.

During one week we will make more than 2500 pounds of pudding in 1, 2 and 3 pound sizes. You can participate by pre-selling puddings, ordering puddings, and responding to the call for volunteers. Come and join in the fun and fellowship! …

We need your help to produce 2,500 pounds of Christmas puddings at this year’s Annual Pudding Factory.

Many volunteers will be needed. We encourage family members and friends to get involved as well.

Our volunteer co-ordinator will have lists for you to sign up at the coffee hours and in the Narthex during October. It is important that even the regular volunteers sign on for the times they will be here so that we can tell when more volunteers will be needed.

The tasks each day are as follows:

Friday Nov. 7: 9.00 a.m. to noon or a bit later: Sorting the fruit to be sure that there are no unwanted bits in the mix.
Saturday Nov. 8: All of the equipment is brought up from storage and stored on the stage in the UPH. Starts 9.00 a.m. and many hands make light work. Because there is a special 10 am service on Sunday to commemorate the end of WWI followed by a reception, the equipment cannot be set up as usual.
Sunday Nov. 9: After the reception, the worktables are put up and clean paper attached to each one. All of the equipment is brought from the stage and set up. If you can stay after the reception your help will be appreciated.
Monday Nov.10: Beginning 8.30 a.m. greasing cans, mixing and steaming the 3 pound puddings. Make enough 1 and 2 lb puddings for early steaming on Tuesday morning. Clean up and prep for Tuesday.
Tues. Nov. 11: We begin at 8.30 to mix, fill, weigh, pound, cover all other orders and begin steaming. This requires many hands and lots of coordination. Clean up of cans and equipment begins as soon as the finished product is turned out so volunteers are needed well into the evening.
Wed. Nov. 12: Finish steaming, start wrapping and packaging (in Christmas wrap) which requires many handy helpers. This begins at 9.00 a.m. and continues until the job is done.
Thurs. Nov. 13: Finish wrapping and cleanup
REFRESHMENTS are available each day. Please bring your own lunch if you can stay.
PARKING passes are available for those who stay for several hours. We encourage sharing the drive, taking public transit, or parking at the City Hall.