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Greetings from our new Rector

Greetings to all of you at St. John’s, and to all the friends of St. John’s!

I’m delighted to say that I’ve accepted a new role at St. John’s. I’ve been an Honourary Assistant for a few months, but after some prayer and discernment on my part, and on the part of the selection committee, I’ve accepted a call to be the new rector. I begin working full time on November 15th.

I’ve been especially encouraged by the response of many of you in the congregation—you have been warm, encouraging, and enthusiastic. The most significant resource for any congregation is the people within it, graciously called into ministry. In this case, that resource is you: what you are already doing, and what we will do together, in the future, as we learn what God has in mind for us.

There is much work for us to do. But as I said in my interview, God has already graciously provided to us everything we need to fully live out our vocation as a church. This is true in what God has already accomplished for us in Christ, and in the life God provides to us in the church: a life lived for the sake of others.

Yours in Christ,


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