Congrats to our Garden Contest Winners!

Planters and Boxes – Al and Ann Coughling (Planter 3)
Veggie Garden – Simon and Sarah Guthrie (Garden 4)
Perennial Garden -Al and Ann Coughlin (Garden 8)
Indoor Garden – Dave and Sharon Sapelak (Garden 1)
Curb Appeal – Dragan and Laura Doric (Garden 1)
Annuals Garden – Al and Ann Coughling (Garden 2)
Water Feature – John and Jean Wright (Garden 1)
Roses – John and Jean Wright (Garden 1)
Balcony/Patio – Brian and Maggie Hendley (Garden 2)
Shrubs and Heges – Deb and Angus Sheach (Garden 1)
Nighttime Garden – Jonathan and Marilyn Malton (Garden 1)

Highest Votes
1st Place : Brian and Margaret Hendley – Balcony Garden no 2 with 52 votes
2nd Place : Al and Ann Coughlin – Balcony Patio no 4 with 32 votes
3rd Place: Dragan and Laura Doric – Curb Appeal Garden no 1 with 28 votes. 

Grand Prize Winner!!
1st Place
Curb Appeal – Dragan and Laura Doric
2nd Place
Veggie Garden no. 4 – Simon and Sarah Guthrie
3rd Place(Pictured in Calendar)
Perennial no. 2 – Alicia Batten and Terry Rothwell

The grand prize winner will be featured on the cover of the calendar, receive a $100 gift card graciously donated by Colour Paradise Greenhouses, and bragging rights. Second prize is a $25 gift certificate donated by Sheridan Nurseries in Kitchener.

Grand Prize and Second Prize graciously donated by
Colour Paradise Greenhouses and Sheridan Nurseries

Contest Rules and Information:

Applicants must first purchase an entry on the St. John’s website. You will receive a receipt of your purchase, forward this receipt along with your pictures. Pictures will then be sent to titled with your name and the category it is entered under.

One picture to be submitted for each entry (so take a nice one!). A single photo may be used for multiple entries, if applicable. Cell phone, and regular camera pictures will do, we are not voting on photo quality, but on plant quality! Make sure to take the pictures horizontally (not vertically! I liked these tips for garden photography

Should you wish to enter but do not have access to a camera or credit card, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you!

Submissions will be anonymous and given an alias for public voting.

If there are no submissions for a certain category, the second place winner of another category (determined by the judges) will be chosen for the final calendar.

Final judging for the Grand Prize winner will be completed by Todd Hoover, a professional landscaper with It’s About Thyme Landscaping. A home visit for the finalists may be requested. Todd Hoover and Rebecca McKay will not be submitting any entries in order to be fair.